Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016

2 Days Pelatihan Bisnis Internet Universitas Imam Ghozali

2 Days Pelatihan Bisnis Internet Universitas Imam Ghozali 29-30 Oktober 2016.

Pak Dekan Faisal Fatawi, Temannya mas Adonis

Hari Pertama's Schedule

Materi : Sarasehan Dua Dunia. Sikap Hidup
Materi : Ngopi Imajinary Sakses. Related to your Sakses. Videos Photos Numbers
Materi : Membaca Peluang dan Ancaman.. Respon?
Materi : Share Secret Technique of daya ungkit. Borderless.
Materi : Ngopi Paste Best Bot Ever, An Open Brain. YM. Gusmu. Dewo. 
Materi : Tanya Jawab berkelindan bergelombang
Materi : SEOlocalBLOG dan YT optimation. Online Great Local Authority Dominative Information
Materi : Tidur setelah Ngopi

Hari Kedua's Schedule 

Materi : Bangun lalu Ngopi
Materi : Kesibukan kesibukan yang menghasilkan Uang, tanpa batas. waktu, dan sikap
Materi : Ngopi, Lagih.Sambil Ngobrol Ngalor Ngidul. Sharing Pengalaman
Materi : YT Adsense. YT CPA. YT Branding.
Materi : Kemandirian, Mandiri. Kepenulisan. Nulis. Kolaborasi. Kerjasama.
Materi : Memasuki Dua Dunia. Praktek, Gigih, atau Sampai Kiamat Kurang dua hari, konstan. Quo.
Materi : Sarasehan Dua Dunia Selesai.

#ilmu dan #bakti kuberikan
#adil dan #makmu kuperjuangkan

2 Days Pelatihan Bisnis Internet Universitas Imam Ghozali. Selesai, Mari ke medan laga, atau mati. Kembali ke kuburan.

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2016

pingin gawe buku

kok rung dadi dadi, ket mbiyen,

ben cepet piye yah mbah google?

Kubangcalingcing Mlaku kang pasar

you already HAVE and CAN at least sign in now

This is among the three seriously bugging things which keep on bugging us users.  The problem is usually the cookies which you have already deleted and that is certainly what I'd have advised you try first (important to do this in exact order and do it all):

1. Sign out of Google (having closed all but that one browser window- ie no other active windows/pages!),
2. Clear browser caches and cookies (since the beginning of time, not just the recent ones),
3. Disable ad-blockers (or any add-ons you might have installed for your browser which might be seen as circumventing YouTube policy),
4. Add YouTube and Google cookies (those with [*.]youtube.com and those with [*.]google.com) to your browser's third party exceptions, and-
5. restart (as in- close it and reopen it) your browser.
6. Sign in again.
7. "Rinse and repeat" (do over) if it didn't take or you didn't do it all the first time.
-but since you already HAVE and CAN at least sign in now-  it is the other reason.  This seems to concern the deletion of the YouTube channel but keeping its Google+ product.  The fix would be to delete the Google+ product and essentially start over.  BUT-  if you are attached to the Google+ product then that wont be viable for you.